Été 2017

11 mai à 11h, Salle Nancy et Michel-Gaucher: Mingyuan Zhao, département de management, Wharton Business School, Université de Pennsylvanie
Reaching Through the Fog: Institutional Environment and Cross-Border Giving of Corporate Foundations

12 mai à 13h, Salle St-Hubert: Tony Fang, département de sciences économiques, Université Memorial de Terre-Neuve
The Use and Impact of Job Search Procedures by Migrant Workers in China

Hiver 2017

31 mars, à 13 h, salle Quebecor: Kristin Brandl, Henley Business School, University of Reading
Client Co-production in Offshored Knowledge-intensive Business Services
10 mars, à 13 h, salle Hélène-Desmarais: Jean-Michel Marcoux, Département de droit, Université de Victoria (UVIC)
The Fragmented Consideration of Foreign Investors’ Responsibilities in International Investment Arbitration

17 février, à 14:00, salle Hélène-Desmarais: Harald Bathelt, Professeur titulaire, Université de Toronto
Geographies of Temporary Markets and Temporary Clusters: An Anatomy of the Canton Fair

Automne 2016

25 novembre,  à 13h, classroom KPMG: José Carlos Marques, École de gestion Telfer, Université d’Ottawa
A Strategic Management Perspective on Transnational Private Regulatory Coalitions: Theory and Evidence from the Global Apparel Industry

Été 2016

13 mai, à 10 h, salle Quebecor : Lena Surzhko-Harned, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Mercyhurst University, Pennsylvania
Generation Why?: Post-Soviet legacies and conflicting values in Europe

Hiver 2016

25 avril, à 10 h, salle Louis-Laberge : William Newburry, Chair, Department of Management and International Business, SunTrust Bank Professor, Florida International University
A Multi-level Conceptualization and Empirical Examination of Reputation Risk

7 avril, à 10 h, salle Béton-Grilli : Catherine Magelssen, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
Allocation of Property Rights and Innovation within Multinational Firms

11 février, à 10 h, salle Rona : Peter Magnusson, Associate Professor of International Marketing, University of Alabama
The Role of Decision-Maker Personality on International Market Entry Mode Decisions

Automne 2015

30 octobre, à 14 h, salle Groupe Cholette : Anahit Armenakyan, Associate Professor, School of Business, Nipissing University
International Business Collaboration: The effects of country-of-origin on partners’ perception of trustworthiness

Été 2015

7 mai, à 10 h, salle CPA du Québec : John M. Mezias, Associate Professor, School of Business Administration, University of Miami
Effects of Country Level Corruption on Subsidiary Staffing, Incentive, and Control Strategies

Hiver 2015

2 avril, à 10 h, salle Paris : Raja Kali, Professor of Economics, ConocoPhillips Chair in International Economics & Business, Department of Economics, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas
Divergence of Fortune: The Unequal Effects of Economic Liberalization in India

10 mars, à 10 h, salle Béton-Grilli : Sui Sui, Global Management Studies Department, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
The Influence of Entry Density on the Survivability of SMEs in International Markets

Automne 2014

Bathelt Harald, University of Toronto 21 novembre, à 15 h, salle Lausanne : Aurélia Durand, HEC Montréal.
Retour sur une formation à la méthode des cas: des pistes pour conduire davantage de projets supervisés de M. Sc. sous la forme de cas

14 novembre, à 15 h, salle Nancy : Ari Van-Assche et Ekatrina Turkina, HEC Montréal.
Global Conectedness and the Flattening of Clusters

10 octobre : Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management.
Political Embeddedness and Corporate Governance: Heterogeneity and Hybridization in China

Hiver 2012

Zahra, Shaker, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Suder, Gabriele, SKEMA Business School

Automne 2011

Ramamurti, Ravi, Northeastern University

Koch, James, Old Dominion University

20 octobre : Hein Bogaard, George Washington University, School of Business
Executives as agents: Expatriate managers in subsidiaries of multinational banks

6 octobre : Luc Wathieu, Georgetown University.
Cosmopolitan identity and expatriate adjustment

Hiver 2011

15 avril : Jordan Siegel, Harvard Business School.
Multinational firms, labor market discrimination, and the capture of competitive advantage by exploiting the social divide

12 avril : Lourdes Casanova, INSEAD. Global Latinas

Automne 2010

15 septembre : Leticia Arroyo Abad, Middlebury College.
Between conquest and independence: Real wages and demographic change in Spanish America, 1530-1820

Été 2010

10 août : Bruce Kogut, Columbia University.
Financial innovations for investments in social capital markets

Hiver 2010

5 mai : Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business.
What can crises tell us about advantages and disadvantages of forgiveness?

10 mars : Keith Perks, University of Brighton Business School.
Crystallising the relationship between managerial cognition and international strategic decision speed in the pre-implementation phase

3 février : Walid Saffar, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
The political economy of residual state ownership in privatized firms: Evidence from emerging markets

Automne 2009

23 septembre : Reid Click, George Washington University, School of Business.
Resource nationalism meets the market: Political risk and the value of petroleum reserves

18 septembre : Jean-Luc Gaffard, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, IUF, CNRS, OFCE.
Mondialisation, conflits d’intérêt et politique économique : une mise en perspective de la crise actuelle

Été 2009

26 mai : Earl Fry, Brigham Young University.
The decline of the American superpower

Hiver 2009

3 avril : Usha R. Mittoo, University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business.
Cross-listing and the long-term performance of ADRs: Revisiting European evidence

27 mars : Matthieu Chemin, UQAM.
Can a warm glow make microfinance grow?

4 mars : Omrane Guedhami, University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business.
Auditor choice in privatized firms: Empirical evidence on the role of State and foreign owners

Été 2008

12 juin : John Cantwell, Rutgers Business School.
Blurred boundaries between firms, and new boundaries within (large multinational) firms: The impact of decentralized networks for innovation

Autres conférences

6e Conférence en Recherche Internationale

Le 24 mai 2019

8h45 -10h00 Alain Verbeke (University of Calgary)
Keynote Address: Building a Research Stream upon Correct Conceptual Foundations: Four challenges in IB research (corporate globalization; new ventures; behavioural assumptions; managerial governance)

10h05 -11h05 Vincent Arel-Bundock (Université de Montréal ) & Lisa Lechner (University of Innsbruck)
The OECD and the Origins of the International Tax System

11h10 – 12h10 Anna Kim (HEC Montréal)
Local Remembering, Global Forgetting: Uses of the Past in Corporate-Community Relations in Kenya

13h30 – 14h30 Diana Dakhlallah (McGill University)
Reputational Incentives and Bribe Exchange in Public Hospitals

14h35 – 15h35 Pengfei Li (HEC Montréal) & Harald Bathelt (University of Toronto)
Headquarters-Subsidiary Knowledge Strategies at the Cluster Level

5e Conférence en Recherche Internationale

Le 5 mai 2017

8h45 -10h00 Anthony Goerzen (Queen’s University)
Keynote Address: Key Challenges and Opportunities in International Business Research

10h05 – 11h05 Rajshree Prakash & Jisun Yun (Concordia University)
Changing the Rules of the Game: A Study of the Indian Government’s Implementation of the CSR Mandate Law

11h10 – 12h10 Yves Plourde (HEC Montréal)
Becoming a More Effective Global Influence: A Study of Greenpeace’s Search for Greater Impact (1986-2001)”

13h30 – 14h30 Mallika Banerjee (McGill University)
When Does Spatial Proximity Substitute for Cultural Proximity? The Effects of Within-Industry Firm Clustering on the Survival of Nascent Ethnic Firms in the IT Industry”

14h35 – 15h35 Pamela Lirio (Université de Montréal)
Towards Sustainable Global Careers: Balancing Presence and Availability Through Travel, Technology and Global Boundary Work Tactics

4e Conférence en recherche internationale

Le 15 avril 2016

9 h 15 — 10 h 45 Jonathan Doh (Villanova University, Pennsylvania)
Why we Need Phenomenon-Based Research in International Business

11 h 00 — 12 h 00 Aurelia Durand & Ekaterina Turkina (HEC Montréal)
Vertical Integration and Relational Exchange Orientation: An Examination of Seller and Buyer Differences in International Channels, (co-auteur: Matthew Robson, University of Leeds)

13 h 15 — 14 h 15 Rajshree Prakash (Concordia University)
Realizing Value in Marginal Communities — A Critical Look at Institutional Voids, (co-auteur: Winston Kwon, University of Edinburgh)

14 h 15 — 15 h 15 Dongyoung Lee (McGill University)
Financial Analyst Coverage for U.S. Firms Following Trade Liberalization, (co-auteur: He Wen, University of Missouri-St.Louis)


3e Conférence en recherche internationale

Le 23 avril 2015

9 h 00 — 10 h 00 Stewart Miller (University of Texas, S. Antonio)
The Role of Institutional Distance in FDI Decisions: A Polycentric Perspective

10 h 00 — 11 h 00 Lorenzo Frangi (UQAM)
Ex Ante and ex Post Institutional Influence. A Comparison between Italian and Brazilian Subsidiaries of Two Multinational Corporations

11 h 15 — 12 h 15 Elena Obukhova (McGill University)
Changing Nature of Guanxi: Evidence on Job Referrals from China’s General Social Survey

13 h 15 — 14 h 15 Nebojsa Radojevic (HEC Montréal)
External Leverages of Reverse Innovation versus Managerial Self-Perception

14 h 15 — 15 h 15 Rob Nason (Concordia University)
The Impact of Family Household Health on Entrepreneurial Activity in an Impoverished Context.

25 novembre 2016

Visite de José-Carlos Marques
Titre de la présentation : A Strategic Management Perspective on Transnational Private Regulatory Coalitions: Theory and Evidence from the Global Apparel Industry
Résumé et biographie

18 novembre 2016

Visite de Janis Gogan
Titre de la présentation : Double-Impact Case Research in International Business
Résumé et biographie

3 février 2016

Alain Batty, HEC Montréal.
Titre de la présentation : Réflexion sur l’internationalisation à HEC Montréal